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Permanent Recruitment

Specialist permanent search and placement
or Contract-to-Perm

Asq recognises that finding and integrating the right people to your permanent staff is a serious investment of money and management time. This investment can be as nothing, however, if you get it wrong. Make a wrong decision when recruiting a key member of your IT or Project Management team will cost a minimum $100K, not to mention additional management time and impact to the business as projects are delayed and deadlines missed.

What we will do

Asq will work with you and your team to understand the scope and technical requirements of the position you need to fill ­ sometimes asking tough questions about how you reached those decisions. We’ll also seek to understand the purpose and values of your business to ensure a good cultural fit.

What we won’t do

We have a database of IT and Project Management Professionals that has been built over almost 15 years. We won’t trawl LinkedIn and mindlessly CV harvest recruitment sites in order to fill your inbox with unsuitable candidates; ­ we use our skill as professionals to present to you only the best qualified and best suited candidates for your role.

Search & Placement

We’ll meet with you to take a brief for your position, and if required can assist in the definition and creation of a position description. We can advise your team on what attributes to look out for, the telling questions to ask at interview and how best to enhance and pitch your employer brand. If you accept a placement from Asq Projects and that person doesn’t work out, we provide a 6 month replacement guarantee.


If you feel you need some extra security when filling a crucial role you can task Asq with finding the right candidate for a role on a contract basis, whereby we do the search and selection, and get a hands-on feel for how that person fulfils the role and fits with your company/team culture. Inevitably this is a slightly more expensive way of going about recruitment but it provides you more assurance in the form of a ‘try before you buy’ model.

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