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Specialist contract search and placement

When you have a critical non-line of business project or programme of works to implement you need to know you have a partner that understands your business, the make-up of your PMO (where appropriate) and has a keen understanding of your specific requirements. By the very nature of appointing a contract role you and your team may not have the in-house skills to define, scope and interview for a particular specialised skill-set. Asq can hold your hand through this process. Contractors can be appointed on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or fixed term basis.

What we will do

Asq will work with you and your team to understand the scope and technical requirements of the contract position you need to fill. Sometimes we’ll ask tough questions about how you’ve reached your decisions. We’ll also seek to understand the purpose and values of your business to ensure a good cultural fit of your contractor.

What we won’t do

We have a database of contract IT and Project Management Professionals that has been built over almost 15 years. We don’t inundate your inbox with unsuitable candidates ­ we use our skill as professionals to present to you only the most highly qualified and best-suited candidates for your contract role.


Should you appoint an Asq contractor and later decide that person is such a great fit for your business, and has to potential to contribute on an on-going basis, we can discuss a Contract-to-Perm arrangement. This can be an expensive way of going about full-time recruitment but it provides you more assurance in the form of a retrospective ‘try before you buy’ model.

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