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Project Health Check

Asq Projects delivers flexible, vendor agnostic, IT project management consulting and services. Our resourcing solutions are tailored to provide clear and successful project outcomes that make our mid- and top-tier customers in Asia-Pac look fabulous.

If your ICT project in-progress is in stress, or if you or your PMO is unsure of its current status, or likelihood of delivering successfully the agreed business objectives - complete the free Asq Projects Health Check below - or call us today to arrange a coffee to discuss your current position.

Project Health Check ReportThe Output

The Project Health check tool produces a diagnostic heat map providing a visual indication across 6 core components of any project. In addition, a simple overall barometer indicates the project health status - this can be used to map the relative health of projects within a programme or portfolio of works.

1.      Executive Support
2.      Scope
3.      Project Management
4.      Change Management
5.      Resource Management
6.      Risk Management

The tool is not prescriptive - it should be used to tell you what you, perhaps latently, already knew - but in a more digestible manner and one which provides you and/or your team greater clarity in terms of prioritising the path forward to a successful project conclusion.

Please complete the questionnaire below and we will contact you as soon as possible with your free health check analysis summary and feedback

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Executive Support
 The Project Sponsor is fully commited to the projects success 
 There is a clear, written, approved business case for the project 
 The entire project has been fully costed and budget approved by the Project Sponsor 
 The Project sponsor shares accountability with the project team for ensuring the projects success 
 The steering committee members have adequate authority and have approved what constitutes the success criteria for the project 
 The objectives of the project are clear to all stakeholders and members of of the project team? 
 The objectives of the project are in line with corporate goals and corporate standards? 
 There is adequate documentation of the project requirements and performance criteria? 
 The stakeholders are given opportunity to give input through out the project? 
 There is permissible variations of the scope e.g. features, cost, quality or time 
Project Management
 Are all the stakeholders adequatly represented by the steering committee? Is there representation for a) the business, b) the users, and c) the vendor? 
 There is a detailed plan including critical path, resource schedule, milestones for the completion of the project 
 There are regular minuted project meetings? 
 Have lessons from previous similar projects been identified and, where appropriate, been applied? 
 There is an approved Project Management Plan (PMP) as per Prince2 or PMBOK guidelines? 
Change Management
 There is a written & approved Change Management & Communication Plan? 
 The Communication Plan contain a delivery mechanism, audience, date & time (for communication)? 
 There is a training plan (approach & materials) and budget documented and approved? 
 The stakeholders understand which requirements are included in the project and which are not? 
 I am enthusiastic about the chances of success of the project 
Resource Management
 There is sufficient manpower to complete the project? 
 Is there a resource management plan with all approved holidays and public holidays and other (conflicting) company activities, conferences and travel, etc? 
 Written roles and responsibilities exists for all project team members? 
 There is adequate time for training and training preparations in the project plan? 
 All technology to be used in the project works and is understood by the team members? i.e. SharePoint, issues log / migration / testing software, etc. 
Risk Management
 Project Risks, opportunities and issues are tracked and appropriate responses to risk events are assigned, implemented and monitored 
 There has been an assesment of the Probability, Impact and Proximity (PIP) of each risk identified? 
 There is a Risk Model with 'what if?' scenarios and/or monetary values of the risks 
 There are clear roles and responsibilities allocated to support the Project Manager in the management of the risks? (risk owner, risk actionee) 
 The Risks are being communicated both internally within the project and externally to stakeholders in appropriate formats, i.e. highlight reports, status reports, steering committee reports etc. 
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