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Government & Public Sector

More with less, public accountability and constantly moving goal posts

State government and public sector organisations are under more pressure than ever to deliver increased capacity and improved public services with an ever-diminishing budget and pool of resources ­ whist changes in leadership, policy and regulations provide a backdrop of constantly shifting sands. Asq feels your pain.

We understand the challenge of balancing the diverse business-as-usual demands of a department or public sector body, whilst delivering innovative, quality and valuable IT services and solutions to your multiple stakeholders. The relentless focus on cost & budget responsibility, the drive for greater efficiencies (some of which have resulted in sharing of facilities, resources and services between organisations) whilst still maintaining and improving individual departments’ services to their clients and stakeholders is an epic challenge. A challenge Asq will face with you, in partnership.

Asq knows departments have large and complex business and IT requirements and they must get it right first time. We help complete your business and technology projects successfully by solving the issues and resource demands that come with planning and executing projects. Asq provides an on-demand team of experienced, mature IT professionals working as part of your department or organisation with its best interests at heart.

The Challenges of Government and Public Sector IT Management

  • Increasing demands for transparency and responsibility
  • Leveraging best results from shared services and resourcing
  • Large and complex projects without the appropriate skilled resources
  • Demands to reduce costs and increase services and facilities
  • Consolidation and merging of departments and organisations
  • Antiquated, unsupported acquired technology that needs rationalising and/or upgrading

How Asq helps Government and Public Sector clients

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Right from the start, Asq Projects impressed us with their clear, flexible approach - that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for, delivering a successful outcome.
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