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Business Process Management

The art of delivering more with less

The demand for IT professionals to do more with less is as prevalent as ever. Efficiency in operations, meeting SLA goals and satisfying business demands remain top priorities in improving IT operations. IT professionals are discovering that a focus on BPM methodology and technology can deliver significant returns in all of these areas.

What you need for Business Process Management, and Business Process Improvement

  • Experienced sector- or industry-specific people to document current process

  • Tools and people to evaluate and assess current process for improvement

  • Creating and evaluating and ranking new processes for efficiency and % improvements

  • Audit and compliance with approved process (end-to-end people, systems and technology)

  • Record and maintain records of approved process

Using BPM tools to assist with creation of integration layers between people and other technologies

  • Choosing the people and the tools

  • Cost for once-off scenarios and on-going scenarios

  • Cost for design and integration

  • Measuring and quantifying the current and future

Business managers and knowledge workers face a key challenge: make faster and better decisions and ‘do more with less’ in an ever-changing business context whilst improving visibility into their operations and environments to support improvement.

To meet this challenge, leading organisations are seeking to make their business operations more intelligent by integrating analytics into processes and the applications that enable them. The process of activating and establishing this integrated approach is to create a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) a scenario that has been termed Intelligent Business Operations (IBO).

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