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The Asq Difference

Asq Projects has been around since 2001 under the steady guiding hand of managing director Steven Pulman. In that time, we’ve opened offices in Singapore and Sydney, and helped businesses large and small achieve phenomenal growth and success. 

Champions of change

We are experts in transformation, change, and project management.

Periods of change and transformation are inevitable in business – but they don’t need to be tumultuous.

We’ve created a blueprint that guides our customers through times of change in a way that makes them look nothing short of fabulous.

We take our own advice

Call it medicine or call it champagne – we wouldn’t offer our strategies to anyone else without trying them first.

We’ve spent the last six years transforming our business using the same blueprint we offer to clients. We developed a framework and industry-leading methodology for change and transformation, then rigorously tested it until we were sure it was water-tight.

Now, we take great pride in proving that our method works regardless of industry, company size, or the challenges that you need to overcome. 

You Asq, we deliver

We go above and beyond the traditional consulting model by taking it one step further and helping you with execution – and whatever else you might need.

Why? Because we love the challenge – and we hate to fail. We treat your business like it’s our business, so you can trust us to approach your project with integrity and commitment.

We’ll identify your barriers to success, conduct an audit on your personnel, identify new skills needed, find out where there are gaps, and puzzle out the best way to structure your people and training needs.

We are small and light on our feet, meaning there’s no bureaucracy for you to wade through to get our full attention, time, and expertise. We’re also unapologetic about pushing our clients to think outside the box and make the kind of lasting changes that really count – because we’re interested in genuine results, not just revenue. That’s the Asq Difference.

Are you ready to embrace change? Asq us to be your guide – we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

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Case Studies

Right from the start, Asq Projects impressed us with their clear, flexible approach - that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for, delivering a successful outcome.
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