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An acronym for projects in controlled environments version 2, this methodology was developed by the UK government Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and was initially only used within the UK government as the de facto project management standard for its public projects. It has now become a global standard. The methodology encompasses the management, control and organisation of a project and today PRINCE2 is used to refer to the training and accreditation of authorised practitioners of the methodology who must undertake rigorous accredited qualifications to obtain certification.
PRINCE2 is process-driven which contrasts with reactive/adaptive methods such as Scrum. It is based on seven principles, seven themes and seven processes. The principles and themes come into play in the seven processes.

7 Principles

  1. continued business justification

  2. learn from experience

  3. defined roles and responsibilities

  4. manage by stages

  5. manage by exception

  6. focus on products

  7. tailored to suit the project environment

7 Themes

  1. business case

  2. organisation

  3. quality

  4. plans

  5. risk

  6. change

  7. progress

7 Processes

  1. Starting up a project (SU)

  2. Initiating a project (IP)

  3. Directing a project (DP)

  4. Controlling a stage (CS)

  5. Managing stage boundaries(SB)

  6. Managing product delivery (MP)

  7. Closing a project (CP)

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